Ott DeFoe endorses Lithium Pros  

Knoxville, TN – Today Bassmaster Elite Series pro Ott DeFoe officially announced his endorsement of Lithium Pros .
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“Lithium Pros is serious about bringing the proper application of lithium-ion to the bass fishing marketplace. The benefit of saving ˝ the weight of a comparable lead acid is obviously a huge plus but there is a lot more to this. Lithium-ion batteries also provide more power and the charging times are truly amazing. This is all due to a built-in battery management system, which is what sets Lithium Pros apart in this developing technology,” said DeFoe.

Lithium Pros owner Kevin Bennett is proud to be working with DeFoe. “Ott has been invaluable in providing real-world fishing knowledge to us. Exhaustive testing here in Tennessee with Ott has allowed us to take our expertise in the motorsports world and apply it to the bass fishing market. Fishermen have a lot of reasons to be excited about what has been produced by this relationship,” said Bennett.

DeFoe’s boat was first outfitted with a complete set of Lithium Pros batteries in February. “I noticed the difference immediately in practice for the Bassmaster Classic. The weight of my boat was reduced by over 150 pounds and I could stand on the trolling motor all day covering water. At night my recharge times were so quick. Thanks to these batteries I have really been able to maximize my time this year.”

To help fisherman understand more about the benefits of lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Lithium Pros the company provided the following list;

• Over 50% reduction in overall weight compared to conventional batteries
• More efficient charge acceptance creating a perfect match for on-board “charge on the run” DC/DC systems.
• Recharge rates up to 5 times faster than lead acid batteries. The built-in battery management system permits use of the current on-board, 12V battery charger designed for sealed AGM type batteries.
• Unlike lead acid batteries, the Lithium Pros battery can be stored and used at less than 100% state of charge without damage so even partial charges are helpful.
• Troll ˝ mph faster, crank faster, and get on plane faster than ever.
Lithium Pros offers 12V replacement batteries and 24V and 36V batteries. These sizes are perfect for applications where space is at a premium or where the battery is hand-carried for any reason.

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